Infinity - Datacenter


Strasbourg Datacenter (France)

It is one of the largest data centers in Central Europe and has a total capacity of over 136,000 servers. Its external connection is over 200 Gbit per second and consists exclusively of the most modern glass Faber cables out there. Furthermore, were direct links to the most famous German and French providers created, so that the transmission rate keeps constant at close Maximum. Therefore, we can easily draw up a 500Mbps guarantee for most of our servers and also comply.

Why Choose Infinity Hosting?


The data center has the SOC 1 and 2 Type II certifications obtained, as well as the ISO 27001: 2005, ISO 27002 and ISO 27005 for the operation of hosting infrastructure.

High availability

Throughout redundate power supply with inverters and autonomous generators that can deliver up to 48 hours. Energy. These two network inputs which take over the operation of each other in an emergency.

High security

Complete fencing and video surveillance, as well as several Guardsmen provide physical security forth. Additional smoke alarm systems and technical personnel locally regulate the rest.


98% of all server room halls operate without air conditioning. Up to 70% of the processors heat are cooled by water. The remaining 30% via convection. It caused only low energy costs!

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